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So which is right for you? Obviously it varies, depending on your circumstance. How much money do you have? Do you want a car payment at all? Do you have money to put down? How’s your credit? Are you worried about service, repairs or maintenance? How long do you plan on keeping your vehicle? How important IS that new car smell? Come by the Folsom Auto Mall to check out your options and feel free to speak with a salesperson or finance team member to explore the pros and cons of getting a new or used vehicle. Or simple…
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Premium vs Regular Gasoline

When you’re at the gas pump, you’re given options - typically: Regular, Premium and Super (or Supreme or Premium Plus). 

If you’re putting premium gas into your vehicle thinking that ‘premium’ means better, you could be damaging your engine. It will not make your vehicle perform better - it could actually make it worse. It’s important to check your owner’s manual or ask a service technician at the Folsom Auto Mall which fuel your engine needs. If you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel, be sure to schedule a service visit as soon as possible. We’re…
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How to Change a Tire in 10 Simple Steps

How to Change a tire

Changing a tire may seem overwhelming and difficult, but it’s actually a pretty simple and straightforward process. While the service departments at each of the Folsom Auto Mall’s dealerships are experts at tire changes and wheel replacements, sometimes when you are stuck on the side of a highway, knowing your way around a jack can be a lifesaver. Check your tread and air pressure regularly to keep from having to worry about changing a tire - plus, you’ll also save on gas. If it’s time for new tires, schedule service at the Folsom Auto Mall for great…
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