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Gas VS. Electric Vehicles

Most people are aware of the pros and cons of gas-powered and electric vehicles, but we’re going to try to make it even clearer for you with a quick explanation. At the Folsom Auto Mall, we have a tremendous selection of both - so regardless of your preference, we’re sure to have a vehicle you’ll love at a price you’ll love even more.



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Premium vs Regular Gasoline

When you’re at the gas pump, you’re given options - typically: Regular, Premium and Super (or Supreme or Premium Plus). 

If you’re putting premium gas into your vehicle thinking that ‘premium’ means better, you could be damaging your engine. It will not make your vehicle perform better - it could actually make it worse. It’s important to check your owner’s manual or ask a service technician at the Folsom Auto Mall which fuel your engine needs. If you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel, be sure to schedule a service visit as soon as possible. We’re…
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