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What is scheduled maintenance?

If you didn’t know or aren’t sure - scheduled maintenance is the regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer to keep your vehicle in its best condition. Many manufacturers require owners (and lessees) to perform this maintenance in order to keep the warranty valid. Maintenance schedules vary by brand and model, but most recommended services for gas-powered vehicles are similar.
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Aftermarket Accessories

Want to personalize your vehicle - make it more unique? How about adding entertainment options or upgrading its performance? Want to improve your steering response? Get from 0-60 a little faster? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your stereo or set up wireless charging for your cell phone.

Did you know that you could customize your vehicle with tons of aftermarket options? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other trustworthy aftermarket manufacturers available and the Folsom Auto Mall can help you find the perfect parts for your ride
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Gas VS. Electric Vehicles

Most people are aware of the pros and cons of gas-powered and electric vehicles, but we’re going to try to make it even clearer for you with a quick explanation. At the Folsom Auto Mall, we have a tremendous selection of both - so regardless of your preference, we’re sure to have a vehicle you’ll love at a price you’ll love even more.



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Driver Assist Features

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last several years. The same can be said for automotive-specific technology. We’re not just talking about entertainment and infotainment tech; though, of course, things like device-integration, wi-fi and touchscreen app-connect have come a long way, too. This article is about the all-new driver assist features that can be found on most new vehicles today. These features are just a hair’s breadth away from autonomous driving. Most are safety features, but some are simply helpful or convenient.




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Where should I get my car serviced?



People always wonder, “Should I get my oil changed at a chain service center or at the dealership?” What about tire rotation or scheduled maintenance? While most people believe that they might save money taking their vehicles to chain service centers, in the long run, it’s safer and more cost effective to service your vehicle at a dealership.

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So which is right for you? Obviously it varies, depending on your circumstance. How much money do you have? Do you want a car payment at all? Do you have money to put down? How’s your credit? Are you worried about service, repairs or maintenance? How long do you plan on keeping your vehicle? How important IS that new car smell? Come by the Folsom Auto Mall to check out your options and feel free to speak with a salesperson or finance team member to explore the pros and cons of getting a new or used vehicle. Or simple…
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Premium vs Regular Gasoline

When you’re at the gas pump, you’re given options - typically: Regular, Premium and Super (or Supreme or Premium Plus). 

If you’re putting premium gas into your vehicle thinking that ‘premium’ means better, you could be damaging your engine. It will not make your vehicle perform better - it could actually make it worse. It’s important to check your owner’s manual or ask a service technician at the Folsom Auto Mall which fuel your engine needs. If you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel, be sure to schedule a service visit as soon as possible. We’re…
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