Premium VS. Regular Gasoline

When you’re at the gas pump, you’re given options - typically: Regular, Premium and Super (or Supreme or Premium Plus). But what’s the difference, other than the price? Regular gas has the lowest octane rating, Premium has a higher octane and Super (or Supreme or Premium Plus) has the highest octane. Octane is the measure of the fuel’s ability to resist “knock”. Knocking or pinging are the loud noises that occur when the air/fuel mixture is incorrect. The octane requirement of an engine changes depending on the compression ratio, mechanics and operation of the vehicle. If an engine knocks, it’s not working efficiently and might eventually cause damage.

difference between Premium & Regular Gasoline

What causes knock? Putting premium fuel in a low compression engine or putting regular gas in a high compression engine. If you’re putting premium gas into your vehicle thinking that ‘premium’ means better, you could be damaging your engine. It will not make your vehicle perform better - it could actually make it worse. It’s important to check your owner’s manual or ask a service technician at the Folsom Auto Mall which fuel your engine needs. If you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel, be sure to schedule a service visit as soon as possible. We’re happy to help!
The difference between Premium & Regular Gasoline & how they affect your car.